Breeding Santa Gertrudis Cattle since 1982


Woman Hollerin Ranch is home to a herd of registered purebred Santa Gertrudis cattle. Some women like to collect shoes and purses, but Woman Hollerin Ranch owner, Betty McCormick is a little different! She would prefer a semen tank filled with awesome cattle genetics to a collection of expensive accessories any day. Woman Hollerin Ranch is proud to perform all its own artificial insemination work on its Santa Gertrudis cattle along with the Star 5 cattle. The Woman Hollerin Ranch bloodlines of their Santa Gertrudis cattle originate primarily with Santa Gertrudis Bulls acquired from Santa Gertrudis cattle breeders that are well known. Our Santa Gertrudis cattle and our Star 5 cattle come from such Santa Gertrudis breeders as Tinney Farms, a Santa Gertrudis breeder located in Alabama, Harris Riverbend Farm, a Santa Gertrudis breeder located in Texas; and 5-E Ranch, a Santa Gertrudis breeder located in Florida. At Woman Hollerin Ranch our ranch philosophy about our Santa Gertrudis cattle, along with our Star 5 and our commercial cattle, on herd improvement is to always be on the lookout for a good bull!

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